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Martin O’Connell, co-founder of Nasal Medical: “We learned so much in the last eight weeks. It’s every entrepreneur’s dreams to win something like this”

“I saw the name on the piece of paper and my first thought was the winner must be on the other side of that slip of paper. I just couldn’t believe it,(...)

Peter Mulryan, co-founder of Blackwater Distillery: “Our products are made on a very small scale, distilled in a copper pot still.”

Making the jump from day-time television producer to distillery co-owner was a more natural progression for Peter Mulryan than you might expect. Whe(...)

Sarah O’Connor and Isolde Johnson of The Cool Bean Company

Isolde Johnson and Sarah O’Connor first met working in EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Isolde had studied business and politics in college while Sarah ca(...)

Nico Olivieri and Sabine Hobbel, first started Leaves on the back of a corporate catering company they set up when moving to Dublin from Amsterdam.

When an Italian finds out he has an intolerance to wheat, measures have to be taken. So husband and wife team, Nico Olivieri and Sabine Hobbel created(...)

Jenny Reynolds of Topper Technology

Jenny Reynolds’s light bulb moment came when she realised that her friends with small businesses could not afford the intelligent systems she used in (...)

 Ryan Scott, Roman Grogan, and Sam O’Byrne of DropChef. Photo: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

A shared passion for projects discovered while running DCU’s surf club led Roman Grogan and Ryan Scott to establish DropChef. In the space of a yea(...)

 Carrie Doorley of Queezybags: “Obviously, my long-term goal is to pick up sick all over the world with the Queezybag.”

Carrie Doorley says that the best thing about the success of Queezybags is that it means she is not just some crazy mammy with a silly idea. Sick ba(...)

Mark Browne, founder and managing director of Buska: “I like knowing that the harder I work, the more successful my business is going to be.”

Mark Browne had the idea for Buska when he became frustrated after moving house for the fifth time in four years. “I used to think to myself, there’(...)

 Beats Medical chief executive Ciara Clancy.

Give us your pitch: Why should someone buy one of your products/service? We provide a clinically proven treatment for Parkinson’s disease that allevia(...)

Niamh Fitzsimons: ‘It does not feel like work when you are passionate about what you do’

1 Give us your pitch. Why should someone buy one of your products? Niamh Design Studio produces design-led products, such as framed personalised baby (...)

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