Author Sarah Maria Griffin who returned to Dublin from San Francisco in 2015

Author Sarah Maria Griffin recently joined Irish Times Abroad for an audience discussion about the experience of moving back to Ireland from overseas.(...)

James Parnell with his three children in Howth: ‘I love Ireland and Australia for being places worth longing for.’

This article is part of an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad about James Parnell’s experience of returning to Ireland after 16 year(...)

“I was raised to believe I could be Irish-only in Northern Ireland.” Above, Emma DeSouza and her husband, Jake. Photograph: Emma DeSouza

A Northern Irish woman who “only identifies as Irish” has expressed dismay at the UK government’s rejection of her American husband’s application for (...)

Orla Griffin with her son Daniel (3): ‘I had gotten sick of joining the family for Sunday dinner via Facetime.’

As "recession emigrants" return to live in Ireland in increasing numbers, one of the most common themes in the stories and opinions they sha(...)

Thinking of coming back to live in Ireland? The cost of renting a home might be a surprise. Photograph: Getty Images

A year ago this week, Finn Hynes and her husband Matt Byrne moved home to Ireland, after six years in Sydney. The couple, who got engaged en route to (...)

‘The majority of Irish I know here are going home and are looking at properties.’

This week, Darren Kane will sign the contracts to buy his first home in Dublin, without having set foot in the property. Still living in Perth, Austr(...)

“Where do we live if we go home? We fall into the rental trap, which is very hard to get out of”

Sean (35) moved to the Middle East when the boom turned to bust and he was laid off from his job in construction. It was always just a temporary move,(...)

'We decided not to compromise on whatever it took to make the transition as smooth as possible.' James Parnell moved back to Dublin from Sydney with his wife and three children. The cost of their first year back home was a shock.

This article is part of an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad about James Parnell’s experience of returning to Ireland after 16 years in Australia.(...)

Dublin at dawn. “The housing market’s grand – as long as you’re not trying to buy a house or rent a house”

This week is my returnoversary: the anniversary of the date we packed up our Californian house and came back permanently to Ireland. Not that we knew (...)

Q: David, Cork I moved back from Australia last year. I was working there for almost four years. I think I could be entitled to a tax or superannuati(...)

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