Ciara Lyons as Rapunzel, Joe Conlon as Nanny Ninny Noonah, Johnny Ward as Johnny B Goode and Nicholas Grennell as the King “Larry Lilly Loolah”, on stage at the Gaiety theatre. Photograph: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

“Ya eejit!”. So says my eight-year-old to anyone she can, whenever she can, since she heard it at the Rapunzel pantomime last week at the Gaiety theat(...)

Geraldine Pender: “Our move back to Ireland has been bittersweet. We are loving being close to family and our old friends, the kids have settled well in school but we miss Oman.”

Irish emigrants are returning to live in Ireland in increasing numbers, with tens of thousands moving back this year. What has the experience been lik(...)

Jennie Ritchie: 'Christmas in Ireland is magic'

I am colder than I could have imagined. Four layers of clothes and still the shivering won’t stop. The kettle is always on. “Another cup of tea?” I n(...)

Car insurers typically won’t take into consideration claims-free bonuses earned in countries other than Ireland.

If you’re one of the thousands of emigrants touching back down on home soil this Christmas, you may be wondering if next year the festive season will (...)

James Mahon reporting from Mosul in northern Iraq for CBS News.

The little black plastic wheels roll swiftly along the spotless white floor. You are on your phone because you live through it now, a link that can’t (...)

Laura Kennedy. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The scuff of my shoes against the pavement, gritty with age and abuse, is barely audible past the thrashing of the rain as it hurls itself to the grou(...)

Patricia Noonan with her husband Philip, and sons Shay (7) and PJ (11)

Patricia Noonan and her husband Philip never intended to stay in Australia forever. After he lost his job in 2012, they moved with their two boys to M(...)

Ireland welcomed home  27,400 Irish emigrants who returned to live here from abroad in the 12 months to April 2017.

More Irish people are leaving Ireland than returning, despite a significant drop in the numbers emigrating. Figures published by the Central Sta(...)

Katie Teegan had just turned 27 when she decided to move from Dublin to London ‘for a couple of years, to see what it’s like’.

Nobody tells you that a seemingly temporary decision can irrevocably change the course of your life. Or rather, they do, but you don’t believe it unti(...)

Question: I am currently in New Zealand on a work visa that expires in Jan 2018. I am on my partner’s visa. He works in construction and his professi(...)

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