Lisa Tierney-Keogh is coming home

In the 1960s, three of my grandmother’s sisters emigrated from Dublin to California. Years later, a fourth sister joined them. They settled along the (...)

Michelle Walsh has moved back to Dublin after time spent living in Morocco, Germany and France.

Moving home to Ireland has been like experiencing a series of ice-bucket challenges in quick succession, with no recovery time. There have been the o(...)

’The feeling that I fit better here than I do anywhere else doesn’t sit well with my ideologies of equality and globalism.’

I am in a cottage on a south Kerry cliff that once housed a family of 12 or more. The windows bang in the wind of a black night and I am sure the ghos(...)

On board the Winchester Castle ferry from Southampton to Cape Town in 1948

Having spent almost 50 years in South Africa, some days I ask myself, what took you so long to come back? But for all the time that I was away, my sto(...)

Emma Prunty with her Canadian husband dressed as St Patrick for the Oslo parade.

Like many Irish living abroad I’ve had an on-off relationship with our national holiday. It’s the one day of the year when you can dip into that pool (...)

Laura Colleran  and her family. “After four years in Galway we are still in a state of transition, paying ridiculously high prices for car insurance and little advancement up the property ladder”

“Cost of car insurance is gonna force us back to Australia”... “Getting social welfare was impossible”... “Work experience abroad disregarded”... “App(...)

The  report contains 30 recommendations on seven key topics affecting returning Irish emigrants. Photograph: iStock

A new report commissioned by the Government has made 30 recommendations to smooth the way for emigrants moving back to Ireland. These come as a resul(...)

To assist those looking to buy a home, Indecon says that returning emigrants who have paid Irish tax in the last 14 or 15 years should be entitled to the Government’s Help to Buy scheme for first-time buyers.

New legislation should be considered to remove discriminatory pricing by motor insurance companies on Irish emigrants who face costly premiums after r(...)

Emma Prunty: ‘We were really starting to feel the lack of one key ingredient that we have seen truly connects you to a place. Family.’

“Will there be a school play I can be in? Do they have scouts in Ireland? Can I have my own room? Does this mean we can finally get a dog?” Our kids (...)

‘ I changed career, learned a new language, found my passion. It was exciting, liberating, and, at times, really lonely.’

“I’m moving back to Europe”. This is my line about leaving Argentina in May. After five years of inflation, instability and muling basic necessities l(...)

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