'On the list of things I’ve been anxious about with moving home, the pressure to become a sea-swimmer is right up there.'

The final push to leave New York was huge. Moving three people and their life’s worth of belongings to another country, across the Atlantic Ocean, was(...)

‘It would feel like naivety or ignorance to listen to music, or a more entertaining podcast. To avoid the news doesn’t change what’s happening.’

My life in New York has changed in the last few weeks. Nothing in particular is different, at least nothing I can point to clearly. There is a new typ(...)

Lisa Tierney-Keogh in Times Square, New York: “Despite my clear exasperation with New York, we’ve come to terms with one another. I have learned how to navigate this city and its inherent chaos.” Photograph: Maribel de la Torre

My apartment in Brooklyn is a mess. On the precipice of moving to Ireland, after a decade away, I’ve amassed a lot of stuff, including a husband and c(...)

Jay O’Callaghan (right) with his husband, Aaron O’Bryan, and their son, Jake, in Toronto.

After tens of thousands of dollars spent on IVF over three years, Jay O’Callaghan and his husband, Aaron O’Bryan, became a family in 2017 when their s(...)

‘Gender and sexuality have consistently acted as drivers of emigration from Ireland, independently of the economic situation of the time.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

“Wondering how many “so, should we move back” conversations happening around Irish kitchen tables in Britain this weekend?” So tweeted the Channel 4 (...)

Homeward bound: Michael Russell and Sinead Murphy

I’m sitting in Newark Airport, watching the sun setting on the New York skyline, and on my time here in the US. The tall silhouettes are starting to (...)

 Crosscare Migrant Project claims inconsistent decisions by deciding officers means increasing numbers of returning Irish emigrants are being denied social welfare. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Irish emigrants are at risk of poverty and homelessness on their return to Ireland because increasing numbers are being denied social welfare, accordi(...)

Many Irish teachers based abroad are wondering whether now is a good time to come home given a shortage of qualified staff in key areas. Photo: iStock

Ireland is in the midst of a chronic teacher crisis. Substitutes are the most valuable commodity a school can get, and the number of newly-qualified t(...)

Minister Regina Doherty with Tim Duggan, assistant secretary at the Department of Employment,  at the launch of the public consultation on State pension reform. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

Irish people living abroad who return to work here may find it considerably difficult to claim a full State pension once they retire, under new rules (...)

My wife and I are planning to move home from Canada later this year with our two children, aged four and two. Will they qualify for child benefit?

Question: My wife and I are planning to move home from Canada later this year with our two children, aged four and two. We are trying to work out our(...)

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