Are you planning to return home from abroad to live in Ireland? Photograph: Getty Images

Danielle McLaughlin is Irish Abroad Networking Officer with Crosscare Migrant Project in Dublin. Here, she answers your questions about returning to I(...)

People Christmas shopping on Grafton Street, Dublin. Photograph: iStock

It's the final month of the year and the festive season is here - I hope you are enjoying both Christmas preparations and celebrations. Our most read (...)

‘Just a month back, living in the house left to me by my mother, I’ve been buoyed by what I’ve encountered so far.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Coming back to Ireland after 30 years in London filled me with dread. The return is due to a mix of the loss of a 20-year love, my mother’s death here(...)

I felt a sense of loss of connection for a landscape that was once so familiar. Photograph: Getty Images

At the bog, just down past the church, long rows of turf, in little clamps, were curing well in the sun. Perhaps, until now anyway, the Irish summer h(...)

Lisa Tierney-Keogh: 'It really cannot be overstated how hard the loneliness is when you are away from home.' Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

There is a dog in my new neighbourhood in Dublin that never stops barking. Occasionally, another dog will join in, a sort of call and response of cani(...)

Down under: Anne Casey in the Blue Mountains in Australia. Photograph: John Kelly

This year marks an uneasy halfway for me, I have been in Australia for as long as I lived in Ireland. So where does that leave me? The truth, I have c(...)

Lara O’Brien with her daughter  Francesca: ‘I weigh up my excitement and creeping fears.’

I’ve been thinking about Dublin recently. Dublin, Ireland, home. I took a four-month trip to the US in 1994 when I got the Morrison visa, and stayed (...)

‘Is it easy to move back? It’s different for everyone and it really is a mixture of luck and circumstance, effort and need, and we’ve had our own challenges and our own rewards in this year and a half.’

At 8.20am we leave the house to walk to school. I’m still processing the question my daughter asked me the night before: “Mummy do you feel settled he(...)

Catherine Monaghan with her family at Glendalough in Co Wicklow this winter.

I have spent half of my life in Australia. At 13, a pale, short-haired Irish girl lost in a sea of golden, athletic, confident youth, I hated it with (...)

James Parnell and his family moved back to Ireland in 2016 after 16 years living in Sydney.

I briskly dry myself by the car after an ocean swim. OK, OK it’s a dip. I’ve been told it’s not the “ocean”, it’s the “sea”. But I like how “ocean” ro(...)

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