Gay Byrne

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The cortege passes the GPO on Dublin’s O’Connell Street. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins Photos

Under the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in London are inscribed the simple but powerful words of appreciation for its architect Christopher Wren; “Lecto(...)

Bono and Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show

Gay Byrne’s Late Late Show was the national debating chamber the entire country watched as one, whether in excitement, disbelief, anger or incredulity(...)

For One Night Only, hosted by Gay Byrne, featured interviews with, and performances by, well-known musicians

Many Twitter users yesterday made clear to millennials that they’d never know the impact Gay Byrne had on Ireland because they weren’t alive during th(...)

Róisín Ingle gets her copy of The Time of My Life signed by Gay Byrne in Eason’s

Gay Byrne is gone and I’ve been crying and thinking about how whenever I’d see him out and about over the years I always greeted him the same way. “I(...)

Gay Byrne in 1979: He was everybody and no one. File photograph: Eddie Kelly

In September 1993, I went on Gay Byrne’s Late Late Show. I had been writing in The Irish Times about Stay Safe, a schools programme designed to give c(...)

Gay Byrne had a surer sense of public opinion than the custodians of old Ireland. File photograph: Maxwell’s

When Gay Byrne set out on his career path in the early 1960s he had no game plan; nor did he have any notion of the role he would eventually play in t(...)

What Gay Byrne’s upbringing produced in him, particularly when younger, was a very strait-laced, uptight man, something he recognised humorously in later life

One of the great ironies about Gay Byrne is that, while so many believe he was the wedge which opened a narrow, insular Ireland to the wider world, he(...)

Gay Byrne had a superb instinct for a story. He spoke of the need to catch an issue “at the crest of its wave”. Photograph: RTÉ

He was a showman, Gay Byrne, first and foremost, but he was a showman in Ireland, and that made all the difference. He made his name with a national b(...)

Gay Byrne’s accountant and friend Russell Murphy, who embezzled €250,000 from his savings. Photograph: Peter Thursfield

Gay Byrne may have sat at or near the top of the TV ratings for most of his half-century in broadcasting but his financial health was far less consist(...)

Broadcaster Gay Byrne on the set of The Late Late Show in  1966. Photograph:  RTE Stills Library

The controversies surrounding The Late Late Show in its first decade seem today bizarre, inexplicable and farcical. They reflect an Ireland struggling(...)

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