Food Month

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When I started working in kitchens I had visions of making intricate masterpieces at home, whipping up feasts on a casual basis, as you do. In reality(...)

Composite image: Irish Times Premedia Department
How the Mafia got to our food

Giuseppe Antoci had been warned more than once. “You will end with your throat cut,” read one note, composed entirely of individual letters clipped fr(...)

Wild mushroom soup: healthy and delicious.

With almost 10,000 people dying of cardiovascular-related disease in Ireland every year, what can the average person do to help nurture their heart he(...)

Aoife Ryan’s smoked trout or hot smoked salmon pasta

I originally made this dish with some Goatsbridge smoked trout (which was a gift from the indomitable Mag Kirwan), for my fish-adverse husband. He abs(...)

“Plastic. It’s everywhere. It’s clogging up the oceans, killing seabirds and sea mammals. And it’s there in the fish on our plates and the fish in our cans.” Photograph: iStock
Goodbye to plastic-eating fish

I ate my last tuna sandwich last week. It was homemade and not at all bad, if I say so myself. I used some really nice soda bread from a local bakery,(...)

Rolled oats: the healthiest breakfast cereal.

There is plenty of conflicting advice as to what to have for breakfast and even whether we should eat in the mornings at all. But one grain that unite(...)

Chicken and chorizo with red pepper and tomatoes

In the hotel game, the hours are often long and unpredictable. This dish is one I can always rely on and is easily thrown together with only a few sim(...)

Health officials say all women who could become pregnant should make taking folic acid a daily habit, irrespective of whether they are planning a pregnancy or not. Photograph: iStock

Expectant mothers have long been advised to avoid particular foods for the duration of their pregnancy. And it is also widely known that taking certai(...)

Don’t be a goji faddist. Photograph: iStock

Pity the poor goji berry. For hundreds of years it grew in the foothills of the Tibetan mountains and formed a small part of the diet of many people a(...)

Limerick hurlers: availed of Fitness Food HQ’s services during 2018. Photograph: Ryan Byrne/Inpho/Ryan Byrne

Time is of the essence in the life of a GAA player. Trying to balance collective and individual training sessions, with a full-time job, university co(...)

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