Fighting Words

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“My doctor tells me my lifestyle is unhealthy and that I’m sick. He tells me I need to move on from what I saw all those years ago.” Photograph: iStock
A Typical Day

I can’t remember when I woke up, or if I slept at all. I can see daylight sneaking her way through my curtains and I begin to panic, because I could (...)

jumping out from water salmon on sea background

His eyes widened. Just a few moments ago, he had moved along, unthinking. Then he snatched a round object up in his mouth and ate it. Had a woody, f(...)

“The foxes hissed at each other and prepared to fight for the den.” Photograph: Getty Images
The Hunts

The fox raced through the woods followed closely by the yapping of the dogs and the rhythmic beat of the horses’ hooves. He was only just ahead of th(...)

“Manliness” - the characteristics of being a man

“Manliness”– the characteristics of being a man Since when do we live our lives based on a definition Everything’s also based on our reputation To (...)

The Bird

Nellie Warren When my brother was seven, he shot a bird with a slingshot. He shot it mindlessly, while we wandered, aimless, through the (...)

She  hoped her prayers would be answered

Veronica woke up at precisely seven o’clock, her alarm screeching loudly. She turned over in her plush double bed, her hand reaching out of the warm c(...)

Why must pink and blue define who we are?
Pink and Blue

Why must pink and blue define who we are? Pink should like dolls, not some little green car. Blue cannot cry as that’s not what boys do, Pink shall(...)

“A real butterfly comes into the room eventually. A beautiful colour, deep brown, like the eyes of someone I knew once.” Photograph: iStock
The Trials of Mariposa

Here are three things you need to know about Keith Henderson. One. He is – was – my boyfriend. Two. He is – was – no, is the kindest, most gentle (...)

He finally had the strength to stand up, patting the top of the headstone. “Don’t go getting yourself into any trouble. I’ll see you real soon, Angel.” Photograph iStock

The old matchbox sat lightly in my hands. It seemed a miracle to me that I’d found it, tucked into the back of a drawer in a dark, dark room. I slowly(...)

“In a world where our education system has become increasingly geared towards rote learning, pre-prepared essays and deadening exam strategies, Fighting Words provides a vital parallel track of learning and expression.”

There is undoubtedly something magical about Fighting Words. And not just the secret door at the entrance that leads primary school-goers through the (...)

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