Fighting Words

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The wind is relentless, a mean fierce thing that pulls at my skirts, pulling them up to show my petticoats. I don’t care. My hair flies in all directi(...)


Colm Flood There are three types of noise in the school building. The first: A loud and raucous chorus By teens Desperate to be he(...)


Jimin rushed through the busy streets of Seoul, the rain soaking through his hoodie and his shoes. He shivered violently as he walked to his friend Yo(...)

An Innocent Prisoner

Eve McGann I thought, that when he wielded his weathered stick, And called to us in his rough, worn voice, It was an indication of food(...)

Hey, Angel

“Did I tell you Steve died last week? They’re sayin’ it was a heart attack. I guess all them drive-throughs caught up with him.” He managed a weak smi(...)

“We set off on our journey and I want to shriek for joy. The sun is shining, and the water glistens, and the air is clean, and my heart is full up from the sheer golden joy of it.” Photograph: iStock

The sky is blue and free of clouds – ideal for what we have in mind really. We gather on the grass – grass ground to a thick mud over the summer by th(...)

What lurks beneath

Grace Holmes Mahalia rose from the water. She glided across, elegant as a swan. Her hair was dark blue and billowed behind her in the (...)

Coco Smallhorne Stack My brother Henry organised the funeral because he knew I wasn’t mentally able to plan a thing like that. He told(...)


An eye and a hand and a mouth and a nose, A mug on the bedstand, A dirty pile of clothes. The damp and the dust and the open window, Fresh fog in (...)

Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum. My heartbeat thudded, regularly climbing, frequently increasing. My body seemed to audibly creak as sinew slid over bones, cau(...)

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