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If you were starting with a clean slate today you wouldn’t invent the Leaving Certificate. A frantic written test against the clock is a poor represen(...)

Ann Heelan: the SEC’s view on what constitutes a reasonable accommodation for a student with a disability is “not up-to-date with modern technology”. Photograph: Lensmen

At least 1,000 students with a range of special needs – including dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and Asperger’s – have been denied access to Leaving C(...)

Students are besieged with constant reminders of the importance of the Leaving Cert on their life choices and the significance of good results. Pressu(...)

Adamstown Community College, the local co-educational post-primary in he “model town”, Adamstown, on the Dublin-Kildare border, is a very different(...)

As the the Leaving and Junior Certificate exams kick off from June 3rd, thousands of students are making last minute preparations for the state exa(...)

Leaving Cert student Michael O’Connor: ‘The sight I have isn’t a huge amount of use but it does help with mobility, together with my cane. I can tell day from night, shadows and shapes, that sort of thing’. Photograph: Eric Luke

If I could change one thing about the Leaving it would be that you can’t re-sit any of the subjects in the same year. It’s so cruel. You get sick, you(...)

Illustration: Stuart Kinlough/Ikon Images via Getty

How do they do it? Every year, the Leaving Cert results coverage comes with stories of students who received six A1s or more. This year, 162 studen(...)

How to make the grade

This is a dangerous time of the year if you’re feeling discouraged about the state of your study. It can seem like you have so much to get through, th(...)

Advice from those who’ve been there   1 Just study, don’t procrastinate. #RepeatAdvice @SueBo_ 2 Put away the laptop. Get your parents to hide (...)

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