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Daisy McCarthy at work in the clinic in Lesvos.

The camp was imposing with its huge fences bristling with razor wire. I kept my sunglasses on and my head down as we made our way to the makeshift cli(...)

Megan Nolan: ‘contrary to what many people suggested, I am not longing to leave London. I am happy and grateful that I’ve been able to make a career and home here.’

When my article about Irish-English dynamics post-Brexit was published in The New York Times on October 18th, I woke up at 7am to see the finished ver(...)

Sarah O’Sullivan with her daughter: ‘Brazil voted for the angry army guy, hoping he might put manners on us all.’

“Can we leave Brazil if Bolsonaro becomes president?” my 11-year-old daughter pleaded last January, as we sat at the kitchen table in my parents’ plac(...)

A woman lights a candle at the Star of David memorials at the Tree of Life synagogue  after a mass shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photograph: Jared Wickerham/EPA

Growing up in Northern Ireland, I became familiar with guns seeing British soldiers with rifles at the ready, crouched in ditches or poised at the sli(...)

‘I’ve lived in London for three years. I didn’t expect this toxic mix of dismissal and casual disdain.' Photograph: iStock

Last month, some video footage went viral in Ireland of a group of English men verbally abusing young women at a Dublin housing crisis protest. The me(...)

Yvonne Watterson (right) at Fenway Park in Boston: ‘The ballpark offered a central hub for the Irish community, hosting in 1919 Eamon de Valera’s Freedom Rally which drew almost 60,000 people.’

I don’t know how it will turn out, but for today at least, the Boston Red Sox are ahead in the 2018 World Series, two ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers(...)

Morgan Fagg, Madrid: ‘I’m taking a day off work, spending €123 on Ryanair flights, €80 on Hertz rental, and all the additional costs of travelling home, but keeping the poet in my opinion, is priceless.’

“After my previous run-in with Ireland’s blasphemy law, it’s encouraging to see that it could be repealed soon,” Stephen Fry tweeted on Thursday. “Lot(...)

Ali Baker with her dad John, mum Paula, brother Dave and late brother Colly’s friends Will and Mick Magee, who now live in Sydney.

When I was 19, my eldest brother Colly Baker died by suicide. It was the worst day of my life and came as a complete shock. I come from a very close (...)

‘When the sun rose in Ajijic on the first day of my 55th year, its light filling our hotel room, I could hear once again my grandmother tell my mother, who also told me, to “follow the sun”.’

“I am a blind woman finding her way home by a map of a tune. When the song that is in me is the song I hear from the world I’ll be home. It’s not writ(...)

‘It’s incredible to think that the country so many Irish people have come to looking for work now finds itself on the cusp of rationing food and medicine, while Ireland’s economy grows.’

I left university in 2011, part of the generation that had entered third level education at the height of the Celtic Tiger, only to graduate into econ(...)

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