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Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

“What’s been the roughest day so far?” I should have been worried when he asked this; everyone else I met on my trip had asked “Where was the best pl(...)

Mary G Johnson at her home in Tralee. Photograph: Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus

We had three children. Maybe we should have had ten; some of them may have remained in Ireland. We encouraged them to follow their dream, but their d(...)

Margaret O’Neill, Sydney: ‘We will share what can be a very lonely day together in the company of good friends.’

From wildlife watching in a campervan in Tasmania, to eating roast spuds in a log cabin in California, Irish Times Abroad readers around the world sha(...)

‘Christmas in Australia is all I know now.’

Christmas, for the most part, is a frivolous almost incidental affair in Australia. Baby Jesus barely rates a mention. There are no crushes at midnigh(...)

I love Sydney at this time of the year. I love the long, warm days with cooler nights. I love how, after the heat of the day, the sea breeze keeps the(...)

‘That first glimpse of Grafton Street with a sea of lights twinkling above your head...’ Photograph: Tom Honan/The Irish Times

As emigrants make their way back to Ireland to spend Christmas with family and friends, Irish Times Abroad readers share their journeys. Robert Batt:(...)

‘No wonder we are unsure when we push off that first time without training wheels. We have to learn how to balance.’

It is Christmas morning, 1967, in a modest house on Antrim’s Dublin Road. With a big satin bow in her hair, the little girl is the picture of happines(...)

‘I find it so upsetting that men and women who have contributed so significantly to this city often die alone, or with very few family and friends around them.’

Living alone in London, Martin was away from family in Ireland in his final days. His health had deteriorated, he was living with cancer and he k(...)

Come from Away: The Broadway musical makes its European debut at the Abbey Theatre.

On September 11th, 2001, I was driving through Dublin with my mother when I got a phone call from my father telling me to turn on the radio. By the ti(...)

Neil Ginty is an architect from Dublin living in San Francisco.

The 49 square-miles (127 sq km) of San Francisco would fit rather snuggly inside the M50 in Dublin, but this is not the least of the two cities’ many (...)

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