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Philip Lynch with his daughter Molly: ‘I’d like to go down here and offer her some encouragement, but she’s already told me she doesn’t need my guidance as she’s seen several YouTube clips, and she knows what to do.’

She’s out there again in her now almost too small Arsenal top that she got last Christmas. This drizzle won’t faze her. But, for all that, she cuts a (...)

Mary McSwiney: ‘One of the great things about Ireland and the UK being in the European Union was, that instead of focusing on individual nationalities and our differences, we focused instead on what we had in common.’

I’m not a British citizen, I can’t vote in the UK, hold a UK passport or pronounce yogurt in that weird way British people do. Yet over the past decad(...)

"My friends call me Sparkling Rosie, because I love wearing sparkling jewellery": The Hands of Time calendar project has gathered photographs and interviews telling the stories of the women who gather for a weekly lunch at The Hibernian Society in Reading.

I was 18 when my family emigrated from Westmeath to Berkshire in 1960. I’d imagined England would be very drab and industrial, but I couldn’t believe (...)

Peter Coghlan: ‘Leave-supporting politicians and their pliant media outlets are looking for scapegoats and the Irish are in the firing line just now.’

Following the collapse of a proposed deal on the Irish Border, which would have allowed the Brexit talks to advance to the next stage, we asked reader(...)

Teresa with her husband Tom in Sydney: ‘The gnawing sense of longing I feel at this time of the year usually only dissipates come St Stephen’s Day, when I know Christmas is over for another year.’

It’s summer in Sydney. The sky is awash with the purple hue of Jacaranda trees in full bloom. The hum of crickets outside and sunsets clouded in smog (...)

Yvonne McNamara: ‘Unless action is taken, all Irish citizens in the UK face uncertainty and could find themselves being denied employment or access to healthcare.’

Brexit has dominated news cycles for the past 18 months, with almost every angle analysed, discussed and debated. Yet, little of the narrative has foc(...)

Carmel Culliton: ‘I felt like I had arrived in an alternate universe of marble and gold.’

In March 2013, I successfully interviewed to work as a teacher in the Middle East. I had decided to look abroad again for work, not for the first time(...)

A scene from Hashtag Lightie, playing at the Orcola Theatre in north London.

I live in London, a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. It is a place where anything goes and where people of different ethnicities have always m(...)

‘Can it be, that in this season of giving, a humble biscuit can become a gift of such value?’

Baking holds a special place in a German Christmas, and this is no more clearly seen than during the three weeks of Advent. Advent is traditionally a(...)

Caitriona Carney (third from left) with friends at the London Irish Centre in Camden.

Many Irish emigrants like me will be returning home to Ireland for Christmas to celebrate with our family and friends. But for some clients at the Lon(...)

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