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Yvonne McNamara: ‘Unless action is taken, all Irish citizens in the UK face uncertainty and could find themselves being denied employment or access to healthcare.’

Brexit has dominated news cycles for the past 18 months, with almost every angle analysed, discussed and debated. Yet, little of the narrative has foc(...)

Carmel Culliton: ‘I felt like I had arrived in an alternate universe of marble and gold.’

In March 2013, I successfully interviewed to work as a teacher in the Middle East. I had decided to look abroad again for work, not for the first time(...)

A scene from Hashtag Lightie, playing at the Orcola Theatre in north London.

I live in London, a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. It is a place where anything goes and where people of different ethnicities have always m(...)

‘Can it be, that in this season of giving, a humble biscuit can become a gift of such value?’

Baking holds a special place in a German Christmas, and this is no more clearly seen than during the three weeks of Advent. Advent is traditionally a(...)

Caitriona Carney (third from left) with friends at the London Irish Centre in Camden.

Many Irish emigrants like me will be returning home to Ireland for Christmas to celebrate with our family and friends. But for some clients at the Lon(...)

Barry Dunning at rush hour in Jakarta. 'Traffic jams are known in Indonesian as macet, and macet defines your life here.'

It’s the world’s fourth most populous country, with over 260 million people, and the world’s largest Muslim population. Its estimated 17,500 islands ((...)

Alice Ryan: ‘It takes effort to make living in London worth it... it is worth trying to make it work because there are incredible career opportunities over here.’

Working Abroad Q&A: Alice Ryan is head of insight and planning for global television brands at BBC Worldwide in London, where she is responsible f(...)

‘Thanks to those who give us perspective. This moment we are in, here in America, is dark and exquisitely painful.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

It’s a strange thing, Thanksgiving. As a kid growing up in Ireland, I saw it in movies and never really understood it. I thought it was a made-up even(...)

‘It’s time to navigate through my middle-age without the angst; without looking over my shoulder and wondering how things might’ve been different.’

Australia is hardly nirvana. Plenty of people have it tough here. But for the most part, you are welcome to come if you are prepared to work hard; and(...)

Exploring Kathmandu, Nepal.

A few weeks ago, a video I made about quitting my job went viral on Facebook, amassing more than 10,000 views in three days. The video clearly struck (...)

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