Kevin O’Loughlin of Nostra Technologies: “Our role is to understand where technology is going and how that affects our clients”

Kevin O’Loughlin describes himself as a driven entrepreneur who has built and sustained Nostra over the past 10 years. He loves fast cars almost as mu(...)

Kevin describes himself as a driven entrepreneur who has built and sustained Nostra over the last 10 years. A man who loves fast cars almost as much a(...)

Jane Gallagher and Róisín Callaghan of Cogs&Marvel: “We have been on an amazing expansion path over the past few years and we want this to continue.”

Established in Dublin in 2006 by Róisín Callaghan and Jane Gallagher, Cogs& Marvel is a fast-growing creative events and brand experience agency. (...)

Louis Keating of L&M Keating: “Our strength is in our people”

Keating was born and raised in Dublin. After achieving a first-class honours degree in engineering, he worked for a number of companies, including ESB(...)

Jim Burke of GoBus: “We have seen increased demand for our services over the past 12 months with a 10 per cent growth rate during this time.”

Jim Burke joined the family transport business in 1976 and during his time with the company he learned all aspects of the trade from school transporta(...)

Ramona Nicholas of Cara Pharmacy: “Literally overnight we went from owner-managers to a group structure with our revenue changing from €1.5 million to more than €10 million”

Ramona Nicholas is a self-made, award-winning entrepreneur who established the Cara Group of pharmacies in 2002 with her husband, Canice. Over the las(...)

Ciara Donlon of Theya Healthcare: “Patient-centric design is the core of our ethos and it impacts the whole business.”

Ciara Donlon took a gamble when she swapped her career in marketing with companies including RBS, Irish Life & Permanent and Vodafone to establish(...)

Niall McGarry of Maximum Media/Joe Media: “our model involves partnering with big brands so they can speak to an audience in an imaginative way”

Niall McGarry was born in Castlebar, Co Mayo. Neither of his parents was involved in business but his home town had a number of thriving enterprises a(...)

Jack and Declan O’Connor of BHSL: “we have developed a unique and patented system to convert poultry manure into energy for use on the  farm”

BHSL was born out of necessity. Jack O’Connor had a 25,000-bird poultry shed on the family farm and was told by Limerick Country Council in 1998 that (...)

Daithi O’Connor of Revive Active: “People in business need to move fast and the time scale to getting an answer from the banks is prohibitive.”

Daithi O’Connor was born and grew up in Galway, where he also established his business. The youngest of six boys, he always worked as a teenager. From(...)

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