Climate change

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 Mark Senn, chef and owner of Veginity Restaurant, Dorset Street Upper, Dublin. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Vegan chef Mark Senn is hoping to change the way Irish people look at plant-based food, though he is not one for lecturing meat-eaters. “We’ve never (...)

Left unchecked, global warming will erode the capacity of land to support human life and impair food production across the planet, the UN has declared in its latest evaluation of climate disruption. Photograph: Todd Korol/Reuters

Left unchecked, global warming will erode the capacity of land to support human life and impair food production across the planet, the UN has declared(...)

Irish Farmers’ Association environment chairman Thomas Cooney rejects Green Party calls for “less of Ireland’s sustainable dairy and beef produce”.

A coalition of environmental campaign groups has called on the Government to commission a new national “land use plan” aimed at reducing emissions, pr(...)

Greenpeace activists  outside the United Nations in Geneva on Thursday as the IPCC special report on Climate Change and Land is released. Photograph: Martial Trezzini/EPA

The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was broadly welcomed by scientists across the globe as a framework to t(...)

 Greenpeace activists hold a banner in front of the UN before a news conference on the Special Report on Climate Change and Land  in Geneva, Switzerland. Photograph08 August 2019. Photograph: EPA

Eating less meat and reducing food waste is an effective method to reduce global warming, according to the UN. In the latest report from the Intergov(...)

Eating more fuit and vegetables and less meat can help to reduce harmful emissions.

– Rising temperatures due to human activity, notably the burning of fossil fuels, combined with land abuses are putting global food supplies at risk; (...)

A combine harvests wheat in Corn, Oklahoma. File photograph: Nick Oxford/Reuters

The combination of accelerating climate shocks, land abuses and over exploitation of water resources, which is occurring at “unprecedented rates” acro(...)

Perhaps the reluctance of more farmers to consider forestry is understandable from a behavioural and social perspective as beef farming is a familiar way of life for many landholders. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The recently published annual review from the Climate Change Advisory Council recommended that a reduction in the national cow herd would deliver a si(...)

Khadan Mohammed Hamed (19): She knows about climate change and soil erosion from her biology class and realises that combination has eroded a way of life.  Photograph: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide

They are the vanguard of a cohort likely to soon number many millions of people in climate-vulnerable locations across the planet. They are crammed i(...)

Members of the Janagal self-help group counting their profits. Since starting the Concern programme, they’ve grown  in wealth, confidence and wellbeing. Photograph: Gavin Douglas/Concern Worldwide

Almost 20 women are sitting on rugs under the canopy of a large tree with a steel box in their midst with three separate locks. They live in a rural(...)

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