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Conor McGinn, professor of robotics at Trinity College Dublin, is working to develop robots to help the elderly and disabled, people with dementia and Alzheimer’s and those along the autism spectrum .Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Never mind robots taking our jobs – they’re already taking the place of our friends and family(...)

Delegates heard about the emergence of “big data” analytics and changes in our understanding of how diet and food affect our mental wellbeing

(...) would include the use of robots and the 3D printing of human organs, devices and even entire buildings(...)

Dr Ginevra Castellano with one of her ‘emphatic robotic tutors’. Photograph: University of Birmingham

The next generation of robots is going to have a new mix of talents, capable of teaching students(...)

C-3PO: The Star Wars robot – described as a walking humanoid – was one of many robots discussed at a symposium in Izhevsk, east of Moscow, on mechanical and biological systems

(...) mechanical systems such as robots on the one hand, and living bodies on the other.The main force behind the(...)