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(...) a rich heritage of mathematics in Ireland, and we should celebrate it as we do our literary and(...)

Forensic biologists may have to work with crime scene samples that are small and degraded. This makes the identification of a unique individual more difficult, and probabilistic arguments are required to draw inferences. Photograph: Frank Miller

(...) the mathematics we learn at school is used to solve crimes. Forensic science considers physical(...)

The monastic settlement at Glendalough, Co Wicklow

Ancient manuscripts show that Ireland was a major centre for the study of mathematics centuries ago(...)

One year on: Joe O'Sullivan from Kenmare, Co Kerry who got nine As in his Leaving Certificate last year, pictured with his father Gerry and mother Bernie. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) higher maths in the current year failed, a factor that has pushed mathematics well down the list of most(...)