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An artist’s impression of what the Abelisaur looked like and how it moved, as revealed by an analysis of its femur, its largest leg bone. Illustration: Davide Bonad

A fossil lying forgotten in a museum drawer has revealed new information about a ferocious meat(...)

Joseph Dinkel’s illustration of Keraterpeton galvani, named after Charles Galvan, one of the Geological Survey of Ireland fossil collectors. Image courtesy TCD Geology Museum

(...) amphibian fossil had been found at Jarrow coal mine in Co Kilkenny. The Jarrow fossils were 320 million(...)

On right, the tiny hedgehog previously unknown to science that lived in a British Columbia rainforest some 50 million years ago; left, an ancient relative of the modern tapir known as Heptodon. Image: Julius Csotonyi

Scientists have unearthed a fossil of the earliest hedgehog yet known. The critter, which is also(...)