Zoe Sugg

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Visitors read signs posted in the dense woods of the Aokigahara forest in Japan.YouTube says it has removed blogger Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred. Photograph: Atsushi Tsukada/AP Photo

On December 31st, YouTube celebrity Logan Paul posted a video to his hugely popular channel from a trip to the Aokigahara forest in japan. Also known (...)

Marks and Spencer Advent Calendar (€40 when you spend €40 on clothing, beauty or home products)

Zoella, also known as Zoe Sugg, a hugely popular YouTuber with over twelve million subscribers, was the recipient of much public gall last week. Her (...)

Jaclyn Craig aka Bumpkin Betty admitted she couldn’t actually drive, but angry petrolheads missed the point – it’s all about getting the brand into the blog space. Photograph: bumpkinbetty.com

Earlier this month London based-blogger Jaclyn Craig reviewed a car, the Peugeot 108, on her blog bumpkinbetty.com. Entitled “Spending a week with the(...)

‘When I started I thought I would get 100 subscribers. That was the goal,” says Alfie Deyes, the man behind the YouTube channel Pointless Blog. “I (...)