Communication around returning to work after maternity leave should be open, transparent and happen as early as possible, even before the women goes on leave. Photograph: iStock

Increased interest in the treatment, representation and equality of women in the workplace has been reflected by media and industry attention to issue(...)

Presenteeism diminishes important recovery time, exacerbates exhaustion and results in productivity losses. Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

A culture of overwork prevails in many organisations, with an almost competitive attitude surrounding those who have worked the longest hours and how (...)

Happy employees are more productive so companies are more anxious to capture the emotions of staff and crowdsource their ideas these days

A happy employee is a productive one, right? That’s what the experts say, so companies are forever looking at ways to measure how engaged staff member(...)

Indecision: researchers estimate that one in five people are chronic procrastinators, although more recent thinking suggests the behaviour is better thought of as a spectrum with degrees of severity. Photograph: Getty Images

Putting off unpleasant tasks might be understandable if it’s a case of not feeling like cutting the grass or washing the car this weekend, but in the (...)

People used to scoff at the idea of working 9 to 5. Now we can but dream of it. Working within such tight time limitations and with little sense of au(...)