Yasir Arafat

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Lara Marlowe with Robert Fisk in Kuwait, near a burning oilfield, in February 1991

I had the honour of being married to Robert Fisk for 12 years. In my opinion he was the finest journalist of his generation The word “controvers(...)

Beirut port after the huge explosion that  rocked the city. More than 180 people were killed and 6,000 injured. File photograph: EPA

Three weeks after the explosion that killed more than 180 people and wounded 6,000 others in Beirut, the Franco-Lebanese novelist Diane Mazloum is obs(...)

Mike Wallace: Probed harder and more flamboyantly than his contemporaries at evasive subjects

There are some gaps in our knowledge of American culture. We recognise their novelists, pop stars and comedians. We certainly know their movie stars. (...)