Wyatt Earp

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 Dennis Quaid: “But TV is telling different stories with different heroes. It’ll be interesting to see how Hollywood responds.” Photograph: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The Texan-born actor Dennis Quaid is firmly in the canine camp on the matter of cat v dog. As a boy, he enjoyed the company of Gertrude, a dog he reca(...)

Ellen “Nellie” Cashman: it was said that her name was known in every mining town from Mexico to Alaska

There can’t have been many gold miners in the American wild west who, at their funerals, were also spoken of as candidates for “canonisation”. But the(...)

Like so many young boys raised on a diet of westerns, I harboured casual dreams of being a cowboy. Of being under starry skies and riding through the (...)

The fountains of the Bellagio light up in the middle of the Las Vegas strip

For much of the summer, I flitted in and out of the United States. I revisited some favourite cities and discovered some new ones. I love America m(...)