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State-paid senior doctors are richly rewarded for pushing their private patients to the head of the queue. Public patients pay the price for this.

It is beyond cruel to see in last night’s PrimeTime Investigates programme how the lives of public patients waiting to see consultants in State-funded(...)

The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has published a report containing the most comprehensive mapping of activity in the Irish healthcare(...)

The study says life expectancy at birth will rise from 78.4 years to 82.9 years for men and from 82.9 years to 86.5 years for women by 2030. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Ireland’s population is set to increase by almost a quarter by 2030, with the major driver being inward migration, according to new projections by th(...)

Minister for Health Simon Harris called the ESRI publication a “timely and important contribution to our thinking on how to improve health services and healthcare in this country”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Future Government reforms should aim to increase the extent of universal health coverage while building from the existing system, a new paper drawn u(...)

Dr Maev-Ann Wren of the ESRI, lead author of a report on stroke survivors from the ESRI and the Irish Heart Foundation: it says community and inpatient rehabilitation for stroke survivors is poorly resourced  and there are wide regional variations in services

Rehabilitating stroke survivors in the community could save the health service between €2 million and €7 million a year and free up more than 24,000 (...)

With demand rising and the State picking up most of the tab, the business of providing long-term residential care for older people should be a rare gr(...)