Wim Hof

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Jonathan Smith: ‘Take some deep, deep breaths, exhale slowly, and definitely don’t gasp’

The first step is to relax and get your five litres of blood running three times around the world. Then it’s about feeling and thinking and not once c(...)

Australia’s Herb Elliott crosses  the finish line to win the  Olympic 1,500m  in Rome in 1960. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

I am running with my legs, and not on them. My knee lift is minimal and my arms are swinging just below waist level, softly tensioned as if carrying a(...)

Exercising in the cold has been shown to stimulate the creation and activity of our body’s brown adipose tisssue, which is also known as brown fat

As the temperature drops over the winter months, the temptation is always there to stay snug indoors by the fire – or even the radiator – rather than (...)