“The sheer speed of the recent market gains will unnerve some.” Photograph: The New York Times

The fundamentals may have improved lately (Covid vaccine news, US election results), but the sheer speed of the recent market gains will unnerve some.(...)

 Amazon and Apple are up over 70 and 50 per cent respectively in 2020, but many stocks are still struggling. Photograph: Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP via Getty Images

Tech stocks did something unusual last week – they fell. An index tracking the S&P 500’s technology sector fell three days in a row, the first suc(...)

The S&P 500 is now down less than 6%  in 2020, and has clawed back most of its losses. Photograph: Getty Images

Stock markets keep defying the doubters, with the S&P 500 last week crossing 3,000 for the first time since March and breaking above its 200-day m(...)

US president Donald Trump dubbed Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon  the Maga stocks lately. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/via Getty Images

There are now four US stock market trillionaires – the Maga stocks (Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon), as Donald Trump dubbed them recently. It rai(...)

The put-call ratio, which measures the mood of the options market, is at its highest level since January 2018. Photograph: iStock

Not everyone buys into the idea that investor positioning is out of whack at the moment. Investors are not “overzealous”, protested BlackRock chief La(...)

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk introduces the Cybertruck at Tesla’s design studio earlier this month, in Hawthorne, Calif. The   botched launch of the electric vehicle caused shares to fall 6%. Photograph: Ringo HW Chiu/Ap

Investing based on Elon Musk’s tweets is not a good idea. Tesla shares recently sank 6 per cent, falling to $333, following the botched launch of the (...)

When unicorns go public. WeWork has revealed heavy losses as part of filings for its parent company’s multibillion dollar public offering in the United States. Photograph: Katelyn Perry/WeWork/PA Wire

WeWork IPO won’t work for investors There tends to be hype galore when unicorns go public, so shared office space manager WeWork might be disappointe(...)