Newlyweds Willie Stokes and Shelby Kelly   leaving Longford Court, where they appeared relating to their wedding last week. Photograph:  Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin

The groom, catering firm and parents of a bridal party have issued a “full and frank” apology for their part in the staging of an “illegal” wedding re(...)

A Science Museum can cross disciplines, make and catalyse connections, thus creating a space for new scientific-magic to happen. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images.

The opening of The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) last night shows what can be done when vision, determination, resources and good old-fashioned (...)

Nurses and patients in a hospital ward in Ireland circa 1890. Photograph: Sean Sexton/Getty Images

Public fascination with surgical developments was mirrored by this newspaper throughout its first 50 years; stories of ‘remarkable’ and ‘extraordinary(...)

The old Meath Hospital site before the move out to Tallagh

Recent debate on RTÉ’s Live Line about the case for a decent burial for the Irish giant, Cornelius McGrath, casts a light on how doctors portray the h(...)