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55 North Circular Road: the attractive 188sq m property is on sale for €595,000

Along the line of terraced houses on North Circular Road, number 55 stands out from many of its neighbours. The newly installed garden, with box hedgi(...)

Sir Julian King: Commissioner for the Security Union. Photograph: FCO/PA Wire

Britain’s new EU commissioner, Sir Julian King – a former ambassador to Ireland – has been asked to help develop European security and counter-terrori(...)

In a word . . . time

Ah yes. Just 340 days left to Christmas. You’ll never feel it. The truth is, you won’t. It is a month already, by day, since Christmas 2015. You can(...)

“I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I feel sorry for myself quite regularly.” Photograph: Thinkstock

When someone you love receives a terminal diagnosis, you gain a new awareness of yourself, and not necessarily a positive one. There are the mo(...)

WB Yeats: unashamedly elevated imagination over rational calculation

‘Rational” is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of WB Yeats. He was a devoted follower of the occult, magic and astrology, and a(...)

William James: pragmatism is a way to tackle ordinary and intellectual issues

Society is full of moralisers: people who love to tell other people where they’re going wrong. Priests, pundits and even philosophers get in on the(...)

‘That religion is back on the political stage has much to do with its power to build communities and provide blueprints for action.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Philosophers such as David Hume and William James argued long ago that reason and emotion are intertwined. Discoveries in neuroscience have confirm(...)

One day, a few weeks ago, I walked into a phone shop to ask an innocent question and walked out with a new Android smartphone and a two- year contract(...)

If, as the American philosopher William James observes, “the stirring of our flesh with picturesque mystery and gloom” makes “a work of art romantic”,(...)

Stephen Hester who  is to step down as  chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland in December

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will struggle to recruit a suitable replacement for ousted chief executive Stephen Hester (right), someone who must steer(...)

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