It’s  vital to recognise your partner was not put on the planet to live up to your expectations and you were not put on the planet to live up to theirs. Photograph: iStock

Acknowledging the annoyingness of people is, I think, a key to getting through lockdowns with relationships in reasonable shape. Based on that acknow(...)

‘Many people are getting more belonging than, maybe, they ever wanted at the moment.’ Photograph: iStock

During one of US president Donald Trump’s rounds of woman-bashing, the governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer declared that she would be maintaining “a(...)

My favourite card in the Tarot pack is the one that depicts the fool.

Long is the journey that is made in the company of a fool, says one of the Buddhist books. It strikes me that a journey in the company of a wise man o(...)

Whether you go to wrestling shows, meditate, dress up in drag, study for a PhD, pound the pavements in your running shoes, turn cartwheels, write poetry or pretend to be Batman, you are connecting with the power of motivation. Photograph: iStock

If you go to the park at the weekends you might see grown men out flying model airplanes. What do they get out of it? Probably a combination of fun, b(...)

We have a psychological need for power, fun, freedom and belonging. When we miss out on any of these for too long we begin to wilt.

For years he had looked forward to “getting out of this effing place for good”. While many people fear retirement, he was impatient for its arrival. H(...)

At this very moment, lots of people in the world who are not all that different from you, who live ordinary lives, are very happy at some good news they’ve got.

I once had a very brief career as a site clerk near Dublin. One of the young men who worked on the site had very prominent teeth. He could not afford (...)

At a crowded event in Trinity College Dublin some years ago the speaker, a US psychiatrist called William Glasser, paused after struggling to remember(...)