Richard Murphy: standing apart

On a patrician evening in Ireland I was born in the guest-room… With those opening lines in the marvellous elegy for his grandmother, Richard Murphy(...)

Lola Ridge never lost her allegiance to Ireland. In her first book, she paid homage to the Easter Rising with The Tidings. In her second, Sun-up and Other Poems, she celebrates the Irish activist Jim Larkin who was arrested in the Palmer raids on an extended visit to the US, and jailed in Sing Sing for anarchism

Born in Dublin, raised in New Zealand, educated in Australia, anarchist Lola Ridge went from being the wife of a New Zealand gold miner in 1908 to th(...)

Paterson makes ‘a compelling tale of an apparently blissful life’

Until this week, Paterson, New Jersey was probably best known for providing the subject and title of a long poem by William Carlos Williams that aimed(...)

London bobbies struggle to hold back surging crowd of Londoners massed in Parliament Square on VE Day, signalling end to WWII in Europe. Photograph: Getty Images/Bob Landry

“…above the battle’s fury -Clouds and trees and grass.”From: To Mark Anthony in Heaven, by William Carlos Williams. Beyond joy, beyond relief, it was (...)