Will your children scoff all their Easter eggs in one day or space out their consumption? Photograph: iStock.

Will your children dive into their chocolate Easter eggs this Sunday and scoff the lot before bedtime? Or will they – on your insistence perhaps – sp(...)

Shane Hanna: “The space for explicitly exploring values in schools is limited. What about those for whom school and the Leaving Cert don’t fit?” Photograph: Getty images

In our productivity-obsessed world, pausing and asking “What’s the point?” can seem heretical. Every year a new batch of school-leavers enters colleg(...)

Courage is a virtue that is hard to teach. You know you have it only when you face adversity or challenge. Photograph: iStockphoto

In a new six-part series, John Sharry advises parents on how to promote emotional wellbeing and confidence in children and teenagers    T(...)

‘Traditionally children learned values around the kitchen table at mealtimes, but nowadays there may be fewer opportunities for relaxed family meals.’ Photograph via Getty Images

What are the major factors that influence parents in choosing a second-level school for their children? Some years ago, this question was put to th(...)

The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing showed that almost 80 per cent of Irish people over 50 are either obese or overweight – nature or nurture? Photograph: Press Association.

We Irish are not alcoholics – we are everything-aholics. Of course we drink too much, but we also take too many drugs, eat too much rubbish, gamble to(...)