W.T. Cosgrave

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To-morrow the electors of the Irish Free State will be required to make the most momentous decision of their lives. Since the dissolution of Dáil Éire(...)

Man of the cloth: WT Cosgrave disguised as Brother Doyle in 1920

When the First Dáil convened, in April 1919, its president, Éamon de Valera, appointed WT Cosgrave minister for local government in the new “rebel” Ir(...)

Victorious: WT Cosgrave at College Green after his election as president of the executive council of the Free State in 1923. Photograph: Hulton Getty .

‘An extraordinary ordinary man” is how the former taoiseach Liam Cosgrave describes his father, WT Cosgrave, who led the Republic through its formativ(...)

Some of those who qualified for the top rate like Frank Aiken 
and Frank Aiken
were also in receipt of substantial State salaries as ministers and TDs

The maximum military service pension amounted to a significant income in the 1920s and 1930s. The huge number of people that applied for the pension i(...)