As a blushing Santa retreated to the brighter lights of the lounge, Vinny called for a refill. Photograph: Sebastian Kahnert/AFP/Getty Images

The stooped figure shuffled along the Clontarf seafront on a grey Sunday afternoon. His gait was gimpy and his pace pedestrian, for Vinny Fitzpatrick(...)

Vinny had long since kicked religion into touch. He only bothered to go to church now on Christmas Day, and for funerals

‘For those of you who aren’t able to come up and receive Holy Communion, please turn on your hazard lights, and we’ll come to you.” At that, Vinny Fi(...)

Enjoying the spectacular sunshine on Dollymount Strand, Dublin yesterday. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

‘Mister Sprinkle’ eased his way on to the wooden bridge which linked Clontarf to the Bull Island. “It’s another scorcher. Perfect for lots of lolly,(...)

On one side was Angie, slim, dark and tanned; on the other was Norma Farquarhson, stumpy, straw-haired and pale as a bottle of milk.

The finalists in the Vernon Vase were called to attention at 7pm on Sunday evening. “Two minutes, ladies. Two minutes,” bellowed the umpire, Toby Mas(...)

“This is the big kahuna, lads. This isn’t a loose change gig like the Irish Lotto where a million between us would barely cover the holliers”

The name above the bookies board was Paddy Sharkey. He was the sole trader at Enniscorthy dog track on Monday evening where business was anything but (...)

 Christy O’Connor: inspired generations of golfers during his long successful career. Photograph: A. Jones/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

On Monday morning, as first light lit up the crumpled links on Dublin’s Bull Island, a fourball of middle-aged men stood on the 16th tee and marvelled(...)

For Fonsie, clean pipes were vital to proper porter and the pints he pulled weren’t just plain, they were perfect.

When Dial-A-Smile asked for volunteers to carry Old Man Foley’s coffin, six hands shot up at once. To a man, the lads held Old Man Foley in the highes(...)

The ball crossed the apex of Vinny’s upright and  Vinny quickly signalled a point. But the ‘Go Go Gobnait’s’ Gael waved his arms furiously  to indicate a wide. Photograph: Cathal Noonan/Inpho

The decision to enter a football team in the Dublin Féile had not been reached easily by the hierarchy of Dollymount Gaels. A number of factors counte(...)

For all of Martinez’s hand-wringing about giving young players their chance, of transfer market prudence, of progress, the stark facts were as bald as Vinny’s dome. Under the reign of Roberto, Everton were rooted in the bottom half of the table

The talk over a greasy brekkie in The Old Lantern pub in Kilburn on Sunday morning was of revolution. The Everton bastille, in the uneasy command of (...)

Everton flags  outside Goodison Park in Liverpool.  It was time for Vinny to show solidarity with his boys in blue. Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The sense of agitation in the canteen of Clontarf bus garage on Tuesday morning was palpable, and it was making Vinny Fitzpatrick feel twitchy. Driver(...)

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