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Dawn raids on Irish subsidiaries of UK companies are expected to increase significantly in the wake of Brexit, as European Commission cartel investiga(...)

You can bring in goods worth €430 from outside the EU but once imports go above this value, customs and VAT become payable. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

How do you calculate the likely impact of Brexit for you, your job, your pocket and your prospects? Doing this with any accuracy is still very difficu(...)

After Brexit businesses in the UK will be able to complain to the EC  about alleged State aid to Irish businesses. Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

The departure of the UK from the European Union could create significant problems for Irish companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, according (...)

A&L Goodbody EU and competition partner Vincent Power.

Consideration should be given to excluding one-off hotel deals from notifications to the competition commission, according to a partner with leading (...)

Dr Vincent Power, who said A&L Goodybody anticipated a substantial increase in notification activity in 2015

There were 41 merger deals notified to the competition authority last year, an increase of 11 per cent on 2013, according to a review published by (...)

Dr Vincent Power of  A&L Goodbody said the new thresholds mean much smaller businesses, some with a turnover of just €3 million, might have to notify mergers and acquisitions deals.

Regulators are likely to scrutinise mergers involving more and smaller Irish companies than in the past as a result of this week’s change in competiti(...)

The Irish Competition Authority merger notifications review found a “notable increase” in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity last year, as well as a significant uplift in transactions undertaken by private equity players.

The Irish Competition Authority has blocked just three merger transactions over the last decade, according to research by law firm A&L Goodbody.Mo(...)

Judge Anthony M Collins, who was appointed to the European General Court last month, will give his first public address since taking up the new role w(...)