Dylan McGrath at Shelbourne Social, his new restaurant on Shelbourne Road, Dublin. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Dylan McGrath pauses an awful lot after being asked a question, almost to the point where you start to wonder if in fact it was him who did the asking(...)

 Dylan McGrath outside Shelbourne Social restaurant on Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, which will open on Thursday. Photographs:   Nick Bradshaw

Opening a new restaurant must be a bit like giving birth. Nothing much happens for what seems like an age, then all of a sudden, it’s all hands on dec(...)

 Dublin City Council  has begun enforcement action against  applicants seeking to use a tourist hostel on Gardiner Street as short-term housing.  Photograph: David Ryder/Reuters

Permission to use a tourist hostel as accommodation for people in need of short-term housing in Dublin has been refused by Dublin City Council. Vincen(...)