Victor Nealon

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An Irishman who spent 17 years behind bars before his conviction was overturned has lost his fight for compensation at the UK’s highest court. Victor(...)

Sam Hallam outside the Supreme Court in  London before he and Victor Nealon take their legal battle for ‘miscarriage of justice’ compensation to the UK’s highest court. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

Two men who spent years behind bars before their convictions were overturned are taking their legal battle for “miscarriage of justice” compensation t(...)

Victor Nealon was jailed until 2012 when he was released after  it emerged that DNA testing was never carried out on the victim’s clothing

An Irishman who served 17 years in jail for attempted rape, but was later released by the Court of Appeal in London has lost his bid to overturn the B(...)

Victor Nealon (seated), Barry George (L) and Martin Foran (R)  after a protest in Westminster at the Global Law Summit in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre which has marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta Photograph: Mark Hennessy

The 800th anniversary celebrations of Magna Carta are an insult, Irish victims of miscarriages of justice have declared. For Dublin-born Martin Foran(...)

British justice secretary Chris Grayling has now ruled that Nealon has “not suffered a miscarriage of justice” as defined by law. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Victor Nealon has been denied compensation. The Dubliner left Wakefield Prison in Yorkshire in the days before Christmas last year with less than £50 (...)