Vera Baboun

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‘Through our experiences in Ireland, we know the frustration caused by a seemingly endless cycle of conflict and the ever-present temptation to despair. We want to bring you hope,’ Catholic primate Archbishop Eamon Martin said. File photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Catholic primate Archbishop Eamon Martin has spoken of attempts to discourage him and 177 other Irish people from visiting Bethlehem on their current(...)

 Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem: “As long as Bethlehem . . . the city of peace is walled, peace is walled. How can the world live in peace as long as the origin of peace is walled?” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Vera Baboun is the first woman mayor of Bethlehem. She is also Catholic. It is the case in the Palestinian Territories that those cities deemed Chris(...)