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US president Joe Biden speaks about the coronavirus pandemic before he receives a Covid-19 booster shot at the White House  on Monday. Photograph: Doug Mills/New York Times

The cruellest thing a government can do to an opposition is agree with it. The other party is left to choose between obsolescence or ever more extreme(...)

Trump supporters:  Forty-two per cent of American adults are classified as white working class. For two decades they have seen incomes shrink in favour, as they see it, of welfare recipients, “identity groups”, graduates and the rich.

Did I tell you Donald Trump is a vulgar, foul-mouthed, meat-faced, 71-year-old redneck buffoon? To be honest, he is a fossil-fuel guzzling, Big Mac-ea(...)

 Donald Trump speaks at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena on October 21st, 2016 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, during  his presidential campaign. Photograph: Justin Merriman/Getty Images

As the sun moves slowly down the sky and the open road widens ahead, it’s as if life shifts down a gear. Driving west along the I-76, the long empty i(...)

An abandoned car manufacturing plant of in Detroit, Michigan. JD Vance’s memoir sketches the narrative of those who left the US southern states of Kentucky for a better life in the so-called rust belt states up north. Photograph: Eric Thayer

One of the many unintended consequences of the electoral victory of Donald Trump has been a renewed interest in the written word. News publications s(...)

Claire Foy playing Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip in The Crown

Now that Christmas has arrived, it’s time for political junkies to take some downtime. Here are some ideas on how they might treat themselves over the(...)