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‘The granny flat would be one storey, with loads of ground space around the site.’ Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I am planning on building a granny flat in a friend’s back garden (30ft by 27ft in total area). It would be an A1-rated eco-house in the Shankill area(...)

Water penetration could be due to poor seals at the window frame/wall junctions. Photograph: iStock

I have an old house with bay windows and single glass panes and have a problem with dampness. It is really confined to the area under and above the ba(...)

Too often, little thought is given to the detail at the start and it is only when one goes to do the job that the builder ends up suggesting or telling you what to do. Photograph: iStock

We are contemplating a house extension and a flat roof has been proposed by the architect. An alternative is a roof with a 16 per cent (approx) inclin(...)

Interior designer Suzie McAdam will give a talk on ‘Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes’.

Friday, April 21st 1pm:  “Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes” with interior designer Suzie McAdam. McAdam, whose body of work in(...)

In normal circumstances, timber-framed houses are every bit as solid and robust as more traditional block-built houses

My girlfriend and I are in the process of buying our first house here in Ireland. We have been looking at some properties in the Skerries area which w(...)

The better insulated the attic space is at ceiling level, then the colder the attic will be and thus the risk of condensation occurring will be higher

Q I’ve noticed that the rafters in my attic are extremely wet. I’ve checked that there is adequate ventilation coming into the attic. What else could (...)

Property Clinic

QI refer to the article in Property Clinic on July 11th, about soundproofing. I kept a copy of an earlier article on the same topic and it said the(...)