Ulrich Seidl

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Jessica Hausner: Her new film Little Joe has picked up multiple prizes at the Austrian Film Awards

Jessica Hausner is attempting to make a sound that, as she puts it, falls somewhere between juicy and cracking. It’s the chilling sound of the titular(...)

Paradise: Hope

Those who battled through the first two parts of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy – one promising “Love”, the other “Faith” – will be relieved to hear (...)

Paradise Faith

There are several candidates for the most Ulrich Seidl-like (Seidlan? Seidlesque?) moment in the latest film from the chillingly austere Austrian dire(...)

Paradise: Love

Even the most timid cineaste would admit that Ulrich Seidl – Austrian director of such unsettling pieces as Dog Days and Import/Export – is a master o(...)

Beach blahs: Ulrich Seidl’s ironically named Paradise: Love
Austrian Blues

You couldn’t say that Austrian cinema doesn’t have an identity. Over the last decade, directors from that nation have delivered some of the grimmest, (...)