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 Hillary Clinton supporters watch TV coverage of the US presidential election in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle as Donald Trump emerges as winner. Photograph: Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty

The glass ceiling was left uncracked. Underneath, as the electoral map bled red and shockwaves rippled among the Democrats, heads fell into hands and(...)

US senator Roy Blunt  greets newly elected Missouri attorney general Josh Hawley prior to speaking to supporters after winning his campaign for Missouri senator. Photograph: Michael B Thomas/Getty Images

Republicans retained their six-year control of both the Senate and House of Representatives, with their losses in the House running to less than a thi(...)

The majority of polls predicted that the Democrats would win the popular vote and with it the presidency for Hillary Clinton and perhaps even the Senate for the Democrats. Photograph: Rhona Wiserhona/AFP

So it was indeed a Brexit moment, when the people voted for uncertainty against most predictions and Donald Trump was elected as US president. And as (...)

 Bernie Sanders applauds his former rival at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Photograph: Justin Saglio/Getty Images
US election: a complete timeline
  • US
  • November 8, 2016, 09:40

2015 April 12th – Hillary Clinton launches campaign Hillary Clinton officially launches her much-anticipated bid for the presidency with a sleek ro(...)

Brexit: could exercise investors in the months ahead. Studies show social and political values affect people’s investments in various ways. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Political risk has been one of the big themes of 2016, with Brexit exercising investors in recent months and the prospect of president Trump in the US(...)

Like it or not: “This giant company [Facebook] is now the major source of news for many people.” Photograph: Getty Images

What price do we pay for social media? This week, Gizmodo, a popular design and information technology blog, claimed that former Facebook contractors (...)

Republican presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump. Photograph: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Market rally continues to broaden After a torrid start to 2016, global equities have bounced nicely, recouping more than half this year’s losses since(...)

Opel’s GT concept: a glimpse at the future with a nod to the past, in keeping with the overall show

I think I’d put the mood of this year’s Geneva motor show at cautious optimism. It’s not quite the full-on bombast of a couple of years ago, as the re(...)

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