Trish Mcevoy

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Trish McEvoy Correct and Even Full-Face Perfector (€46 at Harvey Nichols, Dublin).

Concealer is serious business. It’s the make-up product upon which I most rely, the one which gives me most confidence. That might seem mundane. It ha(...)

Lucky for most of us, “undone” technique is à la mode, such as eyeliner that looks a bit squiffy.

The following statement is perhaps unacceptable for a beauty writer, but here it is nevertheless: I find the idea of trends rather tedious. Each seaso(...)

Prada recently released paperclips that cost £140 (€160), proving that the concepts “affordable” and “expensive” really are relative to your income. I(...)


Skincare in your 20s should be relatively straightforward unless, of course, you suffer with a skin condition that requires specialist care. If you ar(...)

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ACE BASE Get a soft-focus effect with this light-diffusing base. It is good enough to wear on its own at weekends or as a brilliant priming base for f(...)