Trevor Vaugh

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Charlie Bird with Keith Davey (left) and Trevor Vaugh from NUI Maynooth who are working on an AI driven voice simulation for Bird, who has motor neuron disease. Photograph: Laura Hutton

In the RTÉ archives, there is almost four decades of Charlie Bird’s voice. Last year, his wife Claire took time off work to begin the long process of (...)

Six-year-old James Smyth had his legs amputated as a result of caudal regression syndrome

If you watched any of the episodes of Big Life Fix, the 2020 series on RTÉ 1 television in which inventors made new devises to help people live more f(...)

Prof Luke O’Neill, Liz Bonnin and Phil Smyth present Future Island on RTÉ One  on Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday at 7pm

Cop26 and Covid-19 have highlighted the importance and power of science in tackling issues both local and global. And this year, as a result of the pa(...)

The radical new type of cantilevered saddle made from high-performance thermoplastic composites

Recent technological advances have led to lighter, more comfortable equipment and, subsequently, performance gains for sportspeople. Take cycling. (...)