Tony Morgan

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Tony Morgan in his shop, Lipton’s. Photograph: Lorraine Teevan

Most of the roads out of Clones, Co Monaghan, lead across the Border. On Tuesday afternoon this fact is repeated over and over again by people in the(...)

Shopkeeper Eamon McCaughey: says 50 cent increase for cigarettes “will have a major impact on my business”.

Businessman Tony Morgan takes a quick break from the counter of his gift shop in Clones, Co Monaghan to watch Minister of Finance Michael Noonan unvei(...)

Veronica Monahan and Leanne McPhillips: Ms Monahan hoped that when the roads to the North were reopened “custom would come back but I am afraid it didn’t come back”.

Ulster Bank had a presence on The Diamond in Clones for 120 years, until it closed its door 18 months ago. Two months ago, the ATM that had been left (...)