Tony Lawless

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Tony Lawless, left, managing director of corporate business at Irish Life. “Our message to Government is ‘seize the moment’,” Mr Lawless says

Affordability is less of an issue for pension savers, according to a new study by Irish Life, but a growing number of people say they simply never get(...)

The Sport Ireland Institute’s High Performance Unit. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

Sport is about dreaming. Bertie Ahern understood that. Looking back now his dream of the “Bertie Bowl” was almost given life, but instead became a sym(...)

According to research, on average people start saving for retirement aged 37 – too late, Irish Life says. Photograph: Getty Images

Ninety per cent of people in Ireland are not on track with their pensions savings, according to Irish Life. A mixture of inertia and concern about af(...)

Research shows only a quarter of those aged over 55 are aware of the pension contribution levels being made by their employers. Photograph: iStock

The failure of companies to provide proper pension schemes to employees coupled with widespread ignorance of the benefits of saving for the future is (...)