Iorp II: property investments are now limited to 50 per cent of the value of an SSAS. Photograph: iStock/Getty

No tax on contributions to your fund, no tax on rental income and no capital-gains tax if you sell: it isn’t hard to see why owning a property is seen(...)

Wage subsidy: to qualify, companies must have seen their business significantly disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Workers may face a tax bill on emergency payments of up to €410 a week from their employer under the Government’s wage subsidy scheme. The payment, w(...)

Pensioners Christy Waters from Clondalkin, Dublin,  and Pat Daly from Galway at the launch of Siptu’s Stop 67 campaign to reverse the pension age increase. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

It started with Martin Walsh’s Wednesday lunchtime call last week to RTÉ’s Liveline – a day after Leo Varadkar called the election on January 14th – t(...)

The State contributory pension is €248 per week, and the jobseeker’s allowance is €203, meaning a new transition payment at the same level as the pension would cost an extra €45 per person per week. Photograph : iStock

The leaders of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have both committed to introducing a transition payment equal to the value of the old age pension for those (...)

Measures put in place by the State ensure that retiring public servants are not affected by the pension gap

*A pensions consultant has highlighted the inequity in the pensions system which sees public sector workers who retire before the State pension age pa(...)

With fewer than half  of all workers having a workplace or private pension, and concerns over the future viability of the State pension, the need for a supplementary savings is seen as essential. Photograph: iStock

It’s been a long time in coming but is a private pension for all ever actually going to get here? First mooted back in 2006, auto-enrolment, where em(...)

Thousands of Irish people will have up to €2bn in pension funds unlocked next month when the Budget 2019 increase in the State pension takes effect.

Thousands of people will have up to €2 billion in pension funds unlocked next month when the Budget 2019 increase in the State pension takes effect. (...)

Watch out for the fine print too. Some pension schemes for example, won’t give your estate back employer contributions if you die within two years of joining the scheme.

It may not be the most amusing of topics, but it could well be one of the most important. A few weeks ago we considered what will happen to your money(...)

Back in 2006, Irish consumers had a staggering 14 current account providers to choose from but today those options have reduced to six

Yes the financial crisis and resulting bailout of the banks have cost taxpayers billions. But a less discussed impact of the crisis has been the dimin(...)