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Nest has developed a number of so-called ‘smart home’ products

The Dublin-based European subsidiary of Nest Labs, a connected home devices company acquired by Google for $3.2 billion in early 2014, returned to pro(...)

Drivers at a rest area between Zhengzhou and Shanghai in China. Unmarked trucks carry loads of iPhones destined for New York, London and other places around the world.  Photograph: The New York Times

A vast, boxy customs centre acts as a busy island of commerce deep in central China. Government officers, in sharply pressed uniforms, race around a m(...)

Apple  approached Formula 1 team owner McLaren about a potential investment  over the summer.  Photograph: Reuters

Apple’s multibillion-dollar investment in its new campus has been well documented: camera drones fly over the construction site of the circular buildi(...)

Daniel Rooney of Hi-Fi Hut: “The continued growth we’ve experienced having pretty much doubled in size every year over the last three years is something we’re proud of.”

Daniel Rooney and his business partner Elliot Purtill established Hi-Fi Hut in early 2010. The company specialises in high-end hi-fi and home cinema s(...)

Nest’s new-look learning thermostat has a larger screen.

Smart home company Nest has unveiled the newest version of its Nest Thermostat, and it comes with a feature specially added for Irish audience: hot wa(...)

Tony Fadell, co-founder of Nest Labs. Photograph: EPA/PAUL MCERLANE

Nest Labs, the home automation company owned by Google, has announced the Nest Cam, the newest addition to their range of connected devices. A conne(...)

Under review: Google Glass remains a product that operates from Google HQ in Mountain View, California

Tony Fadell, the executive that Google put in charge of its Glass wearable device, says there will be “no sacred cows” when the company begins its ret(...)

From its unveiling in 2012, Google Glass was considered the gadget yearned after by everyone from nerds and chief executives to chefs and fashionistas. It was the must-have toy that was going to set the gold standard for a new class of wearable computers. (Photo illustration by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

This is a story of public intrigue, a futuristic wearable technology, a secret laboratory, models, sky divers and an office love triangle that ended a(...)

Switch and then keep switching. By changing providers every couple of years, you will knock 10 per cent off your annual costs

Some Irish homeowners will waste as much as €1,200 over the next decade because they can’t be bothered to plug out their televisions, while those w(...)

Footballer Rio Ferdinand: “People have a perception of who you are through the image that’s painted of you through the media . . . so Twitter allows me to present a real version of myself.” Photograph: Reuters

In the pantheon of technological luminaries gracing the stages of this year’s Web Summit, imparting wisdom and insight about the wide-ranging role of (...)

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