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Midpoints are a good place to pause and take stock. After 26 weeks I need to pause and ask myself some hard questions: Why am I doing this? What diffe(...)

This week I spent a day in the country with people who are real pros at living in the now. Being in their company, I slowed down and found it easy to (...)

Every time I sit and practise mindfulness, I do so for the first time. When I open my awareness to the present, I step into a moment that has never ha(...)

Eight days into my 10-day silent retreat, I broke down and wept. My body jolted and a well of sadness opened deep inside. My defences were brea(...)

Two monks took a walk by the river. One was older and a teacher; the other was a student. They stopped to rest at a place where the water ran d(...)

I was hermetically sealed within St Flannan’s in Ennis recently. I went on a 10-day silent retreat. I wasn’t alone. There were 49 other men and(...)

Mindfulness seems, suddenly, to be everywhere. My colleague Tony Bates is bringing mindfulness to the media and the airwaves each week. The (...)

‘You’re trying too hard,” he said as we walked into the night. The sun had just set. A herd of cows was silhouetted against the sky on the hill(...)

When mindfulness touches something beautiful it reveals its beauty. When it touches something painful it(...)

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