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Aftermath of the 1990 IRA car bomb attack in Derry when five  soldiers died and van driver Patsy Gillespie was also killed. File photograph: Pacemaker

The IRA’s army council wanted to negotiate peace directly with the British government rather than its “least favoured option” of Sinn Féin joining tal(...)

The late DUP leader  Ian Paisley: said he had urged SDLP leader John Hume to start talking with other political leaders. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

The late Democratic Unionist Party leader Rev Ian Paisley was rebuked by Northern Ireland secretary of state Douglas Hurd in 1984 after Dr Paisley ha(...)

File photo from 1974 of former Democratic Unionist Party leader Dr Ian Paisley, who has died. Photograph: PA Wire

Dr Ian Paisley the former Democratic Unionist Party leader and former first minister of Northern Ireland has died, his wife Eileen said today. He was (...)